Wednesday, December 13, 2017

seasonal veggies

seasonal veggies

It's getting christmassy around here slowly...

Seasonal veggies, served on a tamegroute plate.

Monday, December 11, 2017

snow snow snow

snow snow snow

Over the weekend we had our first snowfall of the season.

Everyone was so excited about the snow yesterday! Snow photos and videos everywhere on Instagram and blogs.

Snow days can mean two things, either you want to stay at home or you want to go outside and hear your footsteps in the snow.

Yesterday, I preferred the first option, but this afternoon we had more snow and I dressed warmly to go out and enjoy the cold and beautiful winter landscape. Snow proof with woolen sweater, beanie, scarf, mittens, boots and I borrowed Pippa's fake fur coat, it was great to play outside...

snow snow snow

Friday, December 8, 2017

a bit of holiday cheer

a bit of holiday cheer a bit of holiday cheer

Shiny gold yarn for a bit of holiday cheers, flaunting on the wool locker.

'g o l d' from Marrakech, collected during the cool crochet workshops, over the years...

xs woodwoolstool

Made this xs woodwoolstool cover of the middle one, during the cool crochet workshop in Marrakech in May.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

knitted one-piece sweater pattern - easy level

knitted one-piece sweater pattern knitted one-piece sweater pattern

I get a lot of questions from beginning knitters. The ask me if I think, they can make my knitted (striped) sweater...
Well it's an easy to follow pattern, but when you've never made a sweater before, it might be a bit difficult to start with.

When you are a beginner and you would love to knit something else than just scarfs, this is a great project for you!

For the beginner knitters amongst you, I designed a brand new super easy knitted one-piece sweater!

I'm sure you are able to complete this project. It is easier than you think.

This knitted sweater you knit in only one piece. The sweater is reversible, there are no seems on the shoulder. Both sides have a different look.

I made this sweater with dark green tweed yarn, from a Dutch textile super.

You can download the KNITTED ONE-PIECE SWEATER PATTERN in my Etsy shop.

It's also a great pattern for advanced knitters, because the tricky part of putting your knitted sweater together, is a lot easier now.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

december decorations

december decorations

And suddenly it's December and freezing cold outside.

Time for warm woolen sweaters, beanies, candles and everything that belongs to this time of year. Christmas countdown...

The utterly cute hare family also has made its appearance.
They are my traditional models on the new collection of wooden x-mas trees last week.

Are you December ready yet? Do you have your tree up?
If you want a sustainable tree that lasts for years and takes up little space, you have 6 pieces left to choose from. This is the time.

woodwoolstool xmas tree woodwoolstool xmas tree woodwoolstool xmas tree woodwoolstool xmas tree woodwoolstool xmas tree woodwoolstool xmas tree

Do you fancy one?

You can order it in my Etsy shop and you will definitely have it in time for Christmas.

Monday, December 4, 2017

vintage woodwoolstool

vintage woodwoolstool vintage woodwoolstool vintage woodwoolstool

Vintage woodwoolstools.

Or maybe I should say steelwoolstool ?

New in the S H O P, two steel vintage stools, in pale blue with colorful crochet cover.

Those blue steel stools, what a beautiful design!

However they have a less attractive brown plastic seat, that had to be covered with soft and colorful wool...